About me

Bbyt (read Be by T) is a blog I have started after finding out more about this interesting city!

Citizen of the world (this is the 4th country I live in), I dropped my bags in here for a while in an attempt to enjoy the sweet mediterranean life full of sun and long lunches, and so they say… To be honest, at first, I have not been very much enchanted by this city which I found cold and soulless. But then, I went around, walked around, explored, joined activities and spent time with friends.

And now, well… I appreciate it more and more. Hence this blog, a witness to my turnaround and to my fresh new eye on Barcelona.

So what is the difference with any other blog there is about Barcelona or travelling? Well, here you won’t find a list just to have a list, nor a review just for a review. Here I am only talking about the places and things I really like or am really interested in. And things I have done. I am only sharing my personal experiences.

I hope you will enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


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