Pharaoh, King of Egypt
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Exhibition: Pharaoh, King of Egypt in Caixa Forum

Since that Andy Warhol exhibition, I kept an eye on the events happening in Caixa Forum. A new exciting exhibition has started in June. This time about Egypt’s pharaohs. Those rulers of Ancient Egypt reigned approximately between 3100 and 30 before Christ. They left their marks so as that even Roman and Greek rulers presented themselves as Pharaohs too.

This exhibition features objects from the British Museum. It explores the ideals, the symbolism and the ideology of the Pharaohs as well as the realities of life on the Nile Valley. The exhibition is small but the objects displayed are very well conserved and really beautiful. The explanations are clear and educational.

I had a great time at the exhibition admiring jewels, statuettes and all objects in blue like the pharaoh and the miniature vase on the photos. I had been wondering about the technology behind this bright blue color they used. The exhibition will run until the 16th of September 2018. General entrance is 4 euros. Caixa’s customers enter for free.

As a bonus, when we came to Caixa Forum on August 15th, the “Nits d’Estiu” was on. Nits d’Estiu was a Caixa Forum special program during the summer. As such, every wednesday, they organized concerts, movies or other activities. That day we could listen to a classical music band and a Brazilian singer on the terrace.

Caixa Forum, Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, 08038 Barcelona

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