Phenomena, the ultimate cinematic experience
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Cinema – Secret premiere at Phenomena

Do you also love extra-ordinary experiences? Like me? Then read further on… Last night I wanted to go to the movie and checked Phenomena, a movie theater in Sagrada Familia. Surprise!!! They had a “secret premiere” programmed. Intrigued, I booked two tickets online. A secret premiere, what movie can it be I wondered with excitement. The movie starts at 21h55. I look forward to it. Outside the cinema, we see a long queue. What? People have nothing better to do on a Sunday night than going to a secret premiere at the movies? Really? Just joking…

When we get in, one member of the staff introduces the night and explains the difficulties they have in getting movies for this type of events. Yet, we start. Our secret movie was “I, Tonya”, released in the US in December 2017. Not my type of movie so I would not watch it on a normal cinema night. Therefore, it is good that the title was not unveiled until we were seated. With the secret premiere, I opened myself to something new.

I wanted to write this post not only because I was enchanted by this experience and my out of ordinary Sunday night, but because I also like the “Phenomena experience”. Indeed, Phenomena is a movie theater like no other in Barcelona.

Phenomena, the ultimate cinematic experience

Phenomena does not have this commercial feel you have when you go to a movie chain or to movie in a shopping center. It only has one big screen. You can become a member and get benefits like 11 free surprise sessions during the year and up to 50% discounts on movies, to mention just a few. Not bad, no? I want to be a member now… But what I like the most is the choice of movies they are offering: from classical to blockbusters (like Star Wars) and also unreleased or recent movies. Do you want to reminisce and have a nostalgic movie night? Go to Phenomena! They opened in 2014 with Jaws and Alien. And for that matter, for the month of February, they have a month dedicated to love with movies like The English patient on Valentine’s day or The way we were.

Love movie cycle
Love movie cycle

Last note, the next secret premiere will be on March, 10! And keep an eye on the website for future secret premiere nights.

Sala Phenomena Experience: C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168 – 08025 Barcelona. For more info, click here.

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