Pop art at Caixa Forum

Discover mechanical art with Andy Warhol at Caixa Forum Barcelona

I knew Andy Warhol because of his series on Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell soups. Apart from that, he was a mystery to me. I did see parts of his work in Nicaragua (yes, such a random place to see him…) but that was it. So when my friend invited me to go and see an exhibition about him in Caixa forum, I thought that was my opportunity to find out more about the artist and pop art.

We went to a night time event on a friday. We bought our tickets well in advance because this was a special event and it was quite popular. I have never been to a night time event in a museum in Barcelona. So this event was special and Caixa Forum is a beautiful venue. There were drinks (not for free), music, live performances and beautiful people on the ground floor. But the real thing was upstairs.

Marilyn Monroe, Campbell soups and electrical chairs in Caixa Forum

The exhibition is not huge but it is big enough to display a variety of Andy Warhol’s works. There were the most popular examples of his “mechanical art”: Marilyn Monroe and the famous Campbell soups but also disc covers and videos… The exhibition also displays pictures of Andy Warhol and offers an activity where you can create your own mechanical artwork using tools provided by Caixa Forum and explanations on how mechanical art works.

I liked everything I saw. I understood better Andy Warhol’s mechanical art through the explanations. I loved the disc covers especially Aretha Franklin’s. I found the colours used very beautiful and eye catching. I even appreciated the serie on electrical chairs. Yes, you heard “electrical chairs”. And no, I am not a psycho :).

The expo is on until December 31st at Caixa Forum. General entrance is 4 euros.

Link to the event: Andy Warhol, el arte mecanico.

CAIXA FORUM – Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, 08038 Barcelona

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