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Summer event: free movies on the beaches of Barcelona

The free movies on the beaches of Barcelona season is on. Indeed, Cinema lliure a la platja has started last week.

What is this Barcelona event about?

Very simple, this a broadcasting of independent movies on four different beaches in and around the city of Barcelona. A proper summer event in the same line as the open air cinema in Sala Montjuic. Although Cinema lliure’s movies are free. They also happen on specific days of the week. On thursdays and on some sundays, it is in Barceloneta (on the San Sebastian beach). On fridays, it is in Badalona and in Prat (on the Prat beach). And on saturdays, it is in Mataro (Varador beach). The starting time is set for after 21h.

I went to my first beach movie in 2014, yeah a little while ago… to watch “Frances Ha”. And I liked it very much: being on the beach, the free movie, the story, the atmosphere. I have not had the opportunity to come back since. This year, I am making the time especially as all the chosen movies seem interesting.

The first movie experience…

Last week, I saw “El rei borni” on Barceloneta’s beach. We arrived at 21h but the movie only started around 22h15. I believe the organisers waited for the dark for everyone to better see the screen. The night started with a short movie. Then we could watch the longer one …

The story of the main movie sounded interesting: a woman organises a dinner with her partner and another couple. During the dinner, the spectators find out that her husband is a antiriot policeman and the other man a social documentary maker who lost is eye during a protest. Mmm…I saw the first 30mn of the movie and I enjoyed it. It was in Catalan with English subtitles but even though I am not a Catalan speaker I could see that the subtitles were not synchronised with the movie. So that was a pity. I did not see the end as well. We had to leave as it was getting late. I expected the movie to start much earlier and I needed to go home and pack for an upcoming trip the day after.

Advices to enjoy the night

Anyway, for me, the full experience is only postponed. I plan to come back again this week and the coming weeks to fully enjoy the movies on offer!!! My advices for the future and to fully appreciate the night? Don’t forget your blanket to sit on (like I did), bring some drinks (it is always nice), bring warm clothes (as it is windy on the beach) and plan that the movie can start late and so finish late (especially if you take public transportation). It also helps to sit closer to the screen to better hear. And finally…enjoy!

Post update: I went back to see “Bar bahar: entre dos mundos” (Bar Bahar: between two worlds). This time, fully prepared! I enjoyed the movie very much. The story was about 3 palestinian women taking their lives in hands. No issues with subtitles this time. Great atmosphere with the public applauding and cheering every time one of the women stood up for herself. Great night really!

Movies are on until the 3rd of August. For more information, click here: cinemalliure

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