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Barcelona Magic line, discover Barcelona differently

Here is an event worth talking about for those of you living in/visiting Barcelona and wanting to do something different by all means: the Barcelona Magic line or BML.

What is the Barcelona Magic Line? Barcelona Magic Line is part of the Magic Line, a fundraising event organised by Saint John of God (San Joan de Deu). San Joan de Deu is a non profit organisation that promotes inclusion and supports people in vulnerable situations. They provide social help, complementary therapies, international cooperation and investigation among other actions. There are several activities related to this fundraising event such as concerts but the main event is the Barcelona Magic Line.

The Barcelona Magic Line itself is a charity walk throught the hills of Barcelona. It goes from the hill of Collserolla to the Plaza de la Catedral through the hill of Montjuic. It is divided in 5 parts defined by distance: 40km, 30km, 20km, 15km and 10km. Each section departs from var a specific area at specific times.  Walkers are composed by teams of 5 to 20 people. People of all ages and from all background can participate: friends, colleagues, family, groups, schools etc.

How does it work? Well, each team sets a financial goal for itself. It then organises activities to raise money. For this, they have until the end of March. The day of the walk, everyone gets a BML scarf, a map to stamp at each milestone and a plastic cup. Just for information, there is a subscribing fee of 40 euros to pay by team who joins.

Hill view of Barcelona
View from the hill of Collserola

It is an enjoyable walk especially because the weather is always nice as we are in March: sunny but not too hot. You can see different sides of Barcelona: Collserolla and all the turistic sites around Montjuic. Indeed, walkers wearing their distinctive scarves have access to support and free activities all along the walk. They receive fresh fruit, sweets and a few goodies. But most of all, free accesses to several sites: the Caixa Forum, Pueblo Espanyol, the MNAC, the Miro Foundation, the Olympic and Sports museum, the Olympic Stadium and the Botanical Garden. So you can have a “two c” walk with the BML and combine charity and culture (I just invented the concept he he!!).

Join the Barcelona Magic line next year!

This year, I discovered the Botanical Garden thanks to the Magic Line. It is a very nice and relaxing place. I plan to explore it more in the near future. Every year, I look forward to walking around the Montjuic castle. I like this majestuous stone building and the clear and beautiful view of the sea from there.

BML 2017
Walking along the Montjuic castle

I guess there is no real need to repeat how much I like walking the BML after all this. But I will anyway:). I like walking the BML because I can help a very good cause and give back to the community I live in. And I get a lot of bonuses in addition. I get to spend time with my colleagues in a different way. I get to exercise walking 20km this time and enjoy fresh air. I get to enjoy a nice and solidaire atmosphere among the walkers and…I get to discover Barcelona under a different light.

So next year people, join the Barcelona Magic Line! You can only win and so are the ones you are helping out!

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