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Where to eat good crepes in Barcelona

As you might remember last Tuesday was Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday! And in my world (and I hope in yours too after reading this post), this means Pancake Time!  Except that with my French side, it is more of a “crepes” moment! And when I mean “Crepes”, I mean Breton’s crepes: savoury and sweet ones. They are the best! So where do you go to eat good crepes in Barcelona?

Well I have tried two places in the city. And I am only going to talk about the second one which I liked best. Anyway, I was so little impressed by the first one that I don’t even remember its name. Therefore, I would like to talk about “Les 3 pommes” today.  “Les 3 pommes” is the French for “The 3 Apples”. It is quite relevant since Breton’s crepes are usually served with French apple cider. The best in the world in my opinion. It has this really peculiar yet light apple taste that invades your palate in a good way.

“Les 3 pommes” serves a great assortment of pancakes. Savoury ones are usually made out of buckwheat flour. It gives the pancake a particular texture and flavour. I like my crepe classical so I choose the complete one: cheese, ham, mushrooms and egg. It is not quite the same as the ones I used to have in Paris. But it is not far off. Still delicious with all the melting cheese. I can taste every single ingredient of the recipe too and that is a plus. My friend had a spinach one and was raving about it. So I can tell, the place IS good!

Having a bowl of cider with my crepe!

We wolfed down our crêpes with a jar of cider served in bowls.Very traditionnal! And also very tasty! You might wonder why cider is served in bowls in Breton’s crêperies. Well, history tells that in the old days, glass and earthenware were not so common. Everyone was then making their own crokery, most of the time with terra cotta. Glasses (the recipient) used to look more like small bowls which are nowadays called “bolées”. Well, you now have a chance to experiment those in “Les 3 pommes” if you don’t know what I am talking about.

After our main, we shared a crêpe suzette: filled with orange marmalade and then flambéed with Grand Marnier.  I don’t have a sweet tooth but I thought it was the nicest pancake I have had in a while: the marmalade was not too sweet yet tasted like orange (better right?) and it was very boozy (a good thing in my book)! The chef even flambéed it in front of our eyes. Yep & yum! I recommend the place.

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