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Exhibition at the CCCB – Barcelona: Making Africa, an arty vision of Africa

Hello everyone,

It has been a while… My bad! So as a making up present, I would like to talk to you about a great exhibition I went to: “Making Africa” in the CCCB here in Barcelona.

The exhibition presents the work of 120 African artists and designers. And it also shows how design promotes economic and political changes in Africa.

I thought this exhibition was really creative and vibrant of life. It features paintings, images, videos, general information… And presents a new vision and idea of Africa far from the usual poverty, famine and war images you regularly see in the news. As such, I really recommend you go and see it.

I particularly liked and found funny the “Bride Price App” presentation to “find the true value of your bride price and that of your friends and enemies”. For this, you need to have a few information at hand such as weight, height, leg shape, education, cooking skills and so on. Be aware that if your bride holds an american citizenship, her value increases by N200,000. With a Masters, her value increases by N100,000 but with a PhD decreases by N50,000. A “below ok” facial beauty decreases her value by N10,000… (Ok I don’t fully understand some of the qualities but it is still fun to try). I also liked the renaissance inspired paintings by IkirĂ© Jones. They are really…interesting!

The exhibition runs until the 28th of August.

Website: Making Africa

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm

Entrance: 6 Euros/4 Euros reduced price. Insider tip, the exhibition is free on sunday from 3 pm.

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