Pupeeter in the streets of Barcelona
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The Merce 2015, Barcelona’s most awaited street fest, has started!

For street party lovers, the Merce the most awaited street fest of Barcelona with the Festa de Gracia has started on friday, the 18th. Like for Gracia, the event will last a week long. The Merce is to celebrate Merce, Barcelona’s patron Saint. She has a dedicated bank holiday, on September 24th which is also the last day of the festival.

The full calendar of events can be found here: La Merce 2015 calendar.

The Merce gives a full overview of Catalan traditions in one event. Watch out for the following highlights:

  • Castelleres or human towers as described here in my post about the Festa de Gracia.
  • Sardana dancing: that is a traditional catalan dance better seen than told about so go to the Plaza de la Merce on the 24th at 6:15
  • The correfoc or devils’ parade: tonight in Via Laietana
  • The circus at Montjuic Castell: my favourite part with the correfoc. You can see here various forms of contemporary circus with high quality shows.
  • Lightshows on the City Hall facade almost every day and on Casa Batllo’s facade on the 23rd. By the way, Casa batllo is organising a competition to win a dinner for two cooked by a Michelin Star chef in Casa Batllo’s amazing loft. All information on Casa Batllo’s page: contest. Last day for the contest is on September 22nd, so hurry up!

A little note also on side events. The calendar is showing the main official events of La Merce but remain open minded while going around. Sometimes you can find gems among the unofficial street artists that also take advantage of the party to showcase their talents like this pupeeter found by chance outside the Ciutadella Park.

Now stop reading, go and enjoy yourself!

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