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First tapas place review: la cala del vermut

This is one of my recent discoveries and I thought I would talk about this place because what is living in Barcelona if you don’t talk about tapas?

I went out for a drink with a friend of mine on monday evening and she took me for some drinks and tapas to this place.

It has not really been our original destination. We decided to meet up in Plaza Universitat and take it from there. We walked down las Ramblas trying to figure out where to go and also because we needed winter equipments for our respective december trips. While I am it, am going to talk about some bargains I got along the way: 20 Euros Quechua winter boots: fashionable, light, waterproof and they go into the snow up to -17 degrees…I love shopping in Spain …

Anyway after our money splash, she remembered this place in a corner of the Barri Gotic. A small tapas place in a side street I would not honestly think about taking, la Cala del vermut. The outside blue walls are inviting and the inside is cute and charming with those boats painted on the walls, pots of plants hanging from the roof and the most important thing, the counter and its platters of tapas…To be honest in my first impression I did not feel I was in Barcelona but in some remote small fishermen villages lost in some creeks. Very pleasant discovery!

The first dishes to attract my eyes were the pepperoncini filled with cheese and the anchoas from Cantabria. They looked so tasty and so they were too. I particularly love the pepperoncini and I normally am not into vegetarian food. I am an all meat girl. I love anchoas and Cantabrian anchoas are bigger than normal anchoas so it is doubly tasty – If I may say so… Anyway, I do love anchoas no matter what so it was an easy pick. Then we finished our tapas night off with chicken wings. They are not very tapasy to be honest but still did the trick of filling our hunger.

Monday night still being a school night, we take off after a couple of hours. Our whole bill was 23 euros. A bit expensive for 2 glasses of wine and 3 tapas to share…. But ah well,  all in all, it was a nice evening. Good company also helps!

Carrer de les Magdalenes, 6. Barri Gotic.






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